Are Your Ready to become consistently visible?
If you find being consistently visible in your business an impossible task, and you're always falling into the trap of starting and stopping when it comes to showing up on-line...this is for you.

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Say Goodbye to being inconsistent when it comes to your visibility!
This simple guide will...
  • Give you A Fool-Proof and Super Simple Strategy for being consistently visible without any of the overwhelm!
  • Show you HOW to master visibility once and for all!
  • Teach you the simple way to fit your marketing around a busy schedule.

About Barbara Nixon

Barbara is an International Success Coach and Business Mentor who helps Business Owners and Leaders to Smash their Own Ceiling and grow their business to create a life that they love.

After 20+ years in the People Development arena and helping hundreds of people to achieve their potential, Barbara kept seeing amazing people holding themselves back and getting in the way of their own success.

As someone who has been there and worn the T-shirt when it comes to improving her own mindset, she’s now on a mission to help ambitious business owners and leaders, bust through their comfort zones, prime their mindsets for success and really step into their own power so they can grow their businesses and achieve their version of success.

After all life’s just too short to play small!

She does this through her one to one Coaching Programme, and her Mastermind (The Smash your own ceiling Academy), and her signature mindset programme (The Smash Your Own Ceiling Bootcamp) and she prides herself on teaching the small tweaks that can make MASSIVE results.

Barbara is also a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat, and has been featured in Addicted2Success,Thrive Global and the BBC.

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